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About US

Since 2004

We Are A Full Service Inspection Company

Matt and his wife Amy own and operate Priority Home Inspections, in Brevard County Florida where they have performed thousands of inspections both residential and commercial since 2004. Having attended several multi-family inspections performed by others he noticed room for improvements and shifted his 15 years of residential property inspection experience to the multi-family space.  Now he focuses on multi-family inspections through-out the State of Florida and Southeast United States. 

Matt has a passion for multi-family and is a member of the Wheel Barrow Profits Multi-family Academy and attends Multi-family Mastery live events annually.  Matt and his team at Community First Investment Group, joint syndicated a 41 unit deal in Chattanooga, Tn. and joint ventured on a 62 unit property in Johnson City, Tn.


As a licensed inspection professional, your investment is my priority.

Matt is a proud father of 4 and enjoys spending time with family, doing inspections and listening to multi-family podcast like Jake & Gino, Joe Fairless and Rod Khlief to name a few.

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